Qualities of the Best Sealing Rings

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The use of sealing rings is almost universal. They are in our homes through numerous devices like ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, and many others. As they are useful in diagnostic and analytical equipment, they are in laboratories and medical facilities. They are used in the construction industry by plumbers, electricians and sewage engineers. Just like in the construction industry, sealing rings are basic needs in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Seated in a groove and compressed during assembly of two or more parts, the prime purpose of sealing rings is to prevent media from leaking through joints. In our water system supplying our homes or in oil refineries, pipes have sealing rings in between joints of pipes so water or oil respectively will not spill.

The qualities of sealing rings differ according to the materials used and where it is used. But generally, the following should define an outstanding sealing ring used in domestic, industrial, or mechanical setting.

Resistant to Heat

big ductsResistance to heat means that sealing rings must have outstanding resistance to thermal shock, good thermal conductivity, and very minimal thermal expansion

Sealing rings used in mechanical or industrial settings should be resistant to extreme heat. In automotive and aerospace industry where they are exposed to very high temperature, sealing rings should be intact and should not be deformed making sure that fluid will not flow through joints; otherwise, it can cause irreversible damage to life, property, and the environment if it happens.

High Resistance to Chemicals

There are many factors for the wear and tear of sealing rings, and one of them is caused by chemical reactions between the sealing ring and the fluid or the interface. Due to a robust oxidizing environment, the sealing ring is subject to abrasions and tear. It is therefore wise to choose sealing rings according to the chemicals or materials used in their production. Their chemical compatibility with the environment where they are used should be considered.

Sealing rings with high resistance to chemicals are those used in laboratories, food processing, breweries and, chemical producing industries

tubes with ringsResistant to Physical Wear and Tear

Sealing rings that are used in devices in our homes are usually subjected to physical wear and tear. They should have high corrosion resistance as well as dry running properties. Poor frictional properties of sealing rings will ultimately lead to abrasions which will damage our devices in due time.

Resistant to High Pressure

Raw materials of sealing rings should contain high levels of strength and elasticity to stand against high pressure. High adhesive characteristic of sealing wears makes the joints impermeable to gases and liquids because it does not deform due to high-pressure, extreme heat and constant friction. High-pressure resistant sealing rings are used in plumbing, sewage and, in oil refineries.

With the many fabulous uses of sealing rings, can you imagine what the world will be like without them? Or at least, what kind of equipment or devices we have if sealing rings are not high-quality?…