Car Alarm Systems

car alarm

Vehicles are among the most valuable things one can own. They must, therefore, be protected well against possible theft. Many are the times that you leave valuable items like laptops in the glove or on their seats. This subjects them to break in when you are not around. This means that your vehicle needs to be equipped with a proper security system to prevent theft.

Different types of alarms are available that you can choose. It is, therefore, imperative that you get to know the various types of car security devices which are available in the current market. Passive and active choices are the major types of the car alarms.

Passive systemkey

It is set automatically whenever the key is removed from the ignition port and after the doors are fully closed. This kind of system is secure since the driver does not necessarily have to put it on like the active type where the driver can forget to put it on.

Active system

This system is set or turned on physically by the driver once the passengers have cleared from the vehicle.

Engine immobilizers

An engine immobilizer is an electronic security system which is placed inside the engine of an automobile. It helps in preventing your vehicle from being stolen or hot-wired. These electronic devices help to keep your engine from starting when the key is not present. This helps in preventing criminals from manipulating the automobiles’ wires thus hindering theft.

The audible alert

ThisThe audible alert is another common security system. It works by blasting the automobile’s horns. It is then able to flash the vehicle’s lights whenever its sensors are set off. The level of sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted. This increases its sensitivity such that it can capture even the slightest movements. It then goes off when such movements are felt.


The audible alert system also allows the driver to adjust his/her sensors by the environment he is operating in. Any breakage attempt activates the flashing of lights even when the horn goes off. Such a commotion is likely to capture the attention of everyone who is around and scare off the criminal.

Silent car alarms

The advancement in technology has led to the development of silent car alarms. Such systems are very useful since they can alert or notify the driver promptly whenever the vehicle is tampered with. The driver can get the alerts through the mobile phone. The driver can then call the police upon getting the alert. The systems are also equipped with highly sensitive sensors around the vehicles for sensing the movements.