Finding The Best Barbering And Hairdressing Scissors – A Small Guide

Hairdressing Scissors


To be successful in their field. Every tradesman has to have specialized equipment and tools at their disposal. When it comes to barbers and hairdressers, the most important tool is, without a doubt, the hairdressing scissors. Hairdressing scissors come in a wide variety of styles, as well as price points. If you are someone who occasionally cuts hair, a pair of reliable, inexpensive scissors will suit you just fine. However, if you are a professional barber, having high-quality scissors is a must. The majority of quality hairdressing scissors are mostly made out of lightweight, stainless steel, with the addition of cobalt.

Key factors

Hairdressing ScissorsIn general, if you are looking for the best possible scissors you can afford to buy, you need to take into consideration three major factors. We have already touched upon the first one, which involves the materials. The second one is the style. Keep in mind that not all scissors are the same. You will need a variety of scissors for different haircuts. The third factor is, of course, the price. Look for the scissors that will perfectly fit your budget and be cost-effective in the long run.

Not all scissors are the same

Using high-quality scissors is crucial for a satisfactory haircut. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that there are different scissors, which are designed for different uses. If you think you can cut your hair or someone else’s hair with kitchen scissors, you are sorely mistaken. Also, don’t think that you can get good results with dirt cheap, plastic household scissors, which you commonly use to cut paper, plastic, and cardboard.

Also, keep in mind that sewing scissors, for example, are primarily designed to cut cloth, not hair. Inappropriate or low quality, cheap scissors will only produce blunt cuts, which usually result in terrible haircuts. A perfect pair of barbering scissors needs to be easy to use, sharp enough and designed so as to allow for various hair styles.

Two basic styles

When it comes to the style, make sure to look for the one that suits your specific needs. There are two basic types of scissor blades you can choose from, the convex and the bevel. Each of these is designed to provide different results and perform different functions. The convex blade is mainly used for standard and smooth slide cutting. On the other hand, the bevel blade is mostly used for tapering and layering.

Common types

Aside from the basic hair cutting scissors, which include barber and student shears, there is also professional hair cutting scissors, as well. If you are a professional, these should be your main tools. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a professional to use them properly. What separates these from the rest is the quality of the manufacturing methods, the high-grade materials, and the longevity. Last, but not least, there are also texturing scissors, which are mostly used to add textures or thin out the hair.

The prices

Hairdressing ScissorsAnd finally, there is the price factor. There are student shears that cost no more than $10, and professional scissors that can reach almost $1000. If you are a novice, student shears will be perfectly fine. However, if you are professional, go with the professional scissors. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend $600 or $1000 on a good pair. You can easily find excellent scissors for $300 or $400. All you have to do is make sure they suit your needs and fit your budget.…

What can you do to look good?


A question that every woman asks herself when she looks in the mirror is “am I attractive?”. Looking beautiful is almost a necessity for any lady especially if she wants to impress others. There are a few things that a lady can do to make herself look beautiful, and in this article, we will cover a few of them.


Every girl should wear a hairstyle that suits her face and head. Many do not realize it but a hairstyle for those with a square-shaped face may not match those with a longer oval shaped face. For example, a bob haircut is more suited for someone with a squarish or round face and shoulder length long style may be ideal for someone with a long face. You will have to try a few different styles before you find the one that is best for you. Once you have the perfect hairdo, make sure you use a mason pearson hair brush to keep it in order.


Most women use makeup on a daily basis if they go to work in an office Others may use it once in a while if they go out to a function etc., The basic thing about makeup it that you should never apply too much of it and it should always shades that are subtle. Some women do not realize that and use extreme colors when they use cosmetics like eyeshadow or lipstick. However, that does not mean that you cannot use dark colors. Depending on the situation you can use them when needed. Mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish and powder are all common items that most women have, and you should always use them correctly if you want to improve your looks.


MakeupWhen it comes to clothing, many women have quite a few outfits. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the dress you wear must be suitable for the place you are going. For example, formal office wear will not suit a beach party or jeans and t-shirt would not suit a wedding ceremony Always consider the type of occasion when selecting your outfit so that you will not feel out of place. You do not have to wear the latest designer wear to look beautiful because something simple will bring out your looks more and will not steal your natural glow. Take the time to select something good and armed with the right makeup and hairdo you will feel attractive and confident no matter where you go.…