Careers in Science that Can Bring You a Lot of Money

Science makes money

Dealing with science is a good endeavor. Science disciplines promote critical and creative thinking. It is contrary to the common belief that thinks science is all about being a good mnemonic. The statement is not entirely wrong though, but without creativity, a scientist who gets stuck with one problem will never come up with a solution that comes from other disciplines. Besides, look up how engineering and art can work in synergy to create something like Strandbeests. The creator, Theo Jansen, combines kinetic and sculpting to Strandbeests. They are large animal-like objects that move by utilizing the wind.

And do you know that having a career in science can also bring you a lot of money?

Life science industry

Experimenting on a LabBeing a doctor is a profession that will lead to big money obviously, but with the current condition, enrolling in a medical school might drain your saving pretty fast. And not all people can afford such an opportunity. However, if you get the passion in biology, physics, math, and chemistry, pursuing a degree that can bring you to life science industry can open the same door.

A biochemist can work anywhere, from government firms to private hospitals. Pharmaceutical labs also need biochemists as their central workforce. The average salary for this profession is 85,000 $ to 145,000 $ per year. Other similar specializations are microbiologists, biotechnologists, biomedical scientists, and computational biologists. All of those require you to participate actively in companies’ Research and Development (R&D).

After earning years of experience, you do not need to be a lab officer. Being a life science advisor earns you 100,000 $ in average per year. With your expertise on the subject, your job desk would be managing the R&D, corporate communications, capital markets solution, and equity research. So, in order to excel in this career, you must combine your disciplines of both life and marketing.

Oil and gas industry

Oil Engineer CareerIf your interest in science is more on the energy sources and matters that constitute Earth, working in oil and gas industry is the best option for you to get decent money. Here are the specializations together with their average income:

  • Drilling engineer, with the average salary of $120,000
  • Energy Engineer, with the average salary of $80,000
  • Geologist, with the average salary of $100,000
  • Geochemist, with the average salary of $110,000
  • Hydrographic surveyor, with the average salary of $70,000
  • Mining engineer, with the average salary of $105,000

Although the number seems appealing, you must bear in mind that working for an oil and gas company is riskier than working in a lab. The possibility of injury and fatal accidents is very likely.

Business in AerospaceAerospace industry

With the current news of Elon Musk’s success in launching the SpaceX, the company itself has been worth $21.5 billion. We are on the verge of aerospace revolution, where exploring outer space for recreational purpose is nearly possible.

The average salary for an aerospace engineer is around $109,000. Mostly, aerospace companies pay the engineer hourly, and for the experienced ones, the number can go up to $150,000 and more.…