Benefits Of Virtual Secretary Services



Virtual secretary services are critical in the technologically advanced world we live in today. They involve interfacing with another person online who takes care of a wide range of regulatory errands much the same as a secretary. Some virtual administrators are generalists while others spend a huge fraction of their time doing specific types of jobs. So how can virtual manager services help you?

Receiving calls

secretaryReceiving phone calls can consume lots of your time especially if you work in a busy office. Fortunately, virtual secretary services will help you handle a majority if not all your business calls. Moreover, they will decide who needs to speak to you directly and deal with the others who don’t. If you are super occupied, virtual secretary services can help you manage your phone calls efficiently providing you time to focus on other pressing issues.

Database maintenance

Regardless what field you are in, the chances are that you use spreadsheets and databases. Virtual secretary services will help you with anything from collecting contact data from business cards to following customers and their quality. Let’s face it, managing your database is a tedious affair yet you need the data to be composed and accessible to you anytime. Having a virtual secretary to handle your database will give you lots of time to use the data.

Replying to support tickets

As a business owner, you are in charge of running your business, operations, client administration just to mention a few. You can consider virtual secretary services to ease the burden a bit. Anything that doesn’t completely require your contribution can be dealt with by a virtual assistant. For instance, having another person to reply to tickets can help you create lots of time for other significant issues.

General research

In case you intend to expand your business to another country or area, you need to carry out a detailed research. If you are competing with different companies, you need to research more about them. It’s a process that requires more time that you might not have. For a more detailed analysis, virtual secretary services are excellent. All you need to do is to provide the virtual manager with your goals or theme, and they will report back with lots of valuable data. Apart from helping you with the research, a virtual secretary can prescribe to you the areas that you should pay close attention to saving you lots of time.

Site maintenance

Most business owners are not the aces of site building. Constructing a site from the beginning is not easy work particularly if you lack the skills and knowledge required. That is why you can contract a virtual secretary who specializes in site building. Such a virtual assistant has the right expertise and knowledge necessary to create you a super website.

HR and recruiting

secretaryIf you need to hire new workers, you don’t have to worry about the tiring process of interviewing and finding more about their past. Luckily, virtual secretary services will help you handle the enlisting process without much trouble. You should provide the virtual assistant with what you are searching for and which candidate encapsulates it.…

The iPhone 7: Is It Worth The Hype?

The iPhone 7

When people are lining up in front of a tech store before dawn, you know a new iPhone model has just been released. Crazy as that may sound, there are people dedicated enough to the brand that they’re willing to the brave the cold and the mind-numbing wait just to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 first.

Even those who would never patiently wait in line just to get a new phone The iPhone 7still end up paying hundreds of dollar for it. Some of them even have fully functioning iPhone 6 phones, and they still bought a new one. It makes you wonder what makes this phone so special. Is it really worth the hype or they just paying for the small Apple logo that appears on the back? If you, however, buy a unit on a plan from a network you will have to ask your friends about how they went about jailbreaking their iphone so that you can be free to use any sim card on it and also enjoy the following features.


With the selfie culture and the curated Instagram posts, most people just want a phone with the best possible camera. iPhone 7 definitely delivers on that, with 12 megapixels on its main camera and 7 megapixels on the front. That’s significantly better than its predecessor and even better than its tough competitor, Samsung Galaxy S7.

When you test the iPhone 7 out, the photos are always so much more detailed, whether you have natural lighting or low lights. It’s also equipped with more stabilization, so even when your hands are shaky, the iPhone 7 can still produce better quality photos.

Processing and storage

iPhone7 currently runs on an A10 processor. That’s currently the fastest processors available in the country. The A10 is 30 percent faster than the processor used for iPhone 6 and 40 percent faster than what most androids, including Samsung, uses.

The iPhone 7For most people, especially after initial use, it’s difficult for people to see the difference between the 6 and the 7. However, when you try exporting videos, you’ll see that iPhone 7 is two times faster. As for 7 plus, you’ll notice the most difference when you start playing games on it. They load faster, and graphics are so much clearer and more pronounced.


For a lot of people, unlocking the iPhone 7 frenzy started with the introduction of a new color. It’s not hard to see that phones are now seen as fashion accessories, and no color is more fashionable and loved as black. In fact, it’s surprising that they’ve never thought of introducing their phones in this color before. This year, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes Matte Black and Jet Black, along with its original colors – silver, gold and rose gold.…